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Reduce Liability At Your Facility With Digital Checklists

DigiQuatics Custom Checklists

Here's the scoop:

In this webinar we will be showing an overview of the DigiQuatics Custom Checklists module. With custom checklists you can finally digitize all those clipboards with "laminated" paper sheets and smeared sharpie pen marks. Imagine having a pulse on your entire organization's opening, closing, etc. tasks from the palm of your hand! That is the power of digitizing checklists with DigiQuatics!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to create a custom checklists and adding tasks
  • Setting up checklist access by location
  • Assigning which days your checklists and tasks are visible
  • Tracking the status of checklist completion
  • Exporting your completed checklists to Excel or PDF
  • Duplicating a checklist "template"

DigiQuatics Custom Checklists module will allow you to digitize common aquatics and facility checklists such as:

  • Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) Facility Checklists
  • Pool Opening Checklist
  • Pool Closing Checklist
  • Facility Inspection Checklist
  • Bathroom / Locker Room Walkthroughs
  • Sunscreen Logs
  • First Aid Kit / AED Inspection Checklist
  • Basic Pool Care Checklist
  • Pool and Spa Self-Inspection Checklist
  • Pool Pre-Opening Checklist
  • Pool Winterization Checklist
  • And many more!

For more information about the webinar before you register, please email us at team@digiquatics.com.